FAQ Cups

Before using for the first time, sterilize all the parts in boiling water during 5 minutes. After every use, wash all the components separately, especially the valve, with lukewarm water and neutral detergent. The valve has to be sanitized frequently(according to its use) by submerging it in water with one or two drops of bleach during 5 minutes, then rinse very well to eliminate all traces of bleach. We do not recommend sterilizing the cup body, code 25149.

Yes, you can place the different parts of the spill proof cup in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Make sure that the valve is fully engaged by turning it clockwise.

We manufacture our cups with polypropylene and their valves are made of silicone. Our cups are Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S-free. Neither do they contain phthalates as plasticizers.


The non spill system does not work properly for juices with pulp or sodas which, on the other hand, are not recommended for young children. Remember that babies are born with their digestive system not fully developed, the pediatrician shall indicate when juices with pulp, and eventually sodas, can be incorporated into your child’s diet. Thick liquids such as smoothies or milk with cereal can get stuck in the valve and in the spout hole making it difficult or impossible for your child to suck properly. We do not recommend using this cup with hot beverages.

FAQ Plates, Cutlery and Bibs

Always sterilize new dishes in boiling  water during 5 minutes before using them for the first time; you do not have to sterilize rubber suction bases. After every use wash all the pieces separately with lukewarm water and a neutral detergent, rinse well with plenty of water. Babelito dishes can be washed in the top shelf of dishwashers.

Yes, our dishes are microwave-safe. To warm up the food, remove the lids. When using a microwave oven to warm up your baby’ s food in a anti-skid plate warmer, make sure to warm up food first, then pour warm water into the lower compartment. Remember to screw the nozzle before feeding your baby.

When warming up meals using Babelito dishes remove the lid, mix up food after warming it up in microwave as the heat may be uneven and some areas may be too hot. Always test the food temperature before feeding your baby.

Yes. For your child’ safety, all Babelito dishes, containers, utensils and other products are made of unbreakable materials in normal use.

Yes, you can use it with confidence, even if the color has faded because of food products.

Metal cutlery may damage them. We recommend not using steel cutlery and that you do not use the bowl/dish to prepare meals with lots of oil, sugar or acid ingredients as the dish could be permanently stained.

Prevent your baby from using the plate warmer unsupervised and never leave it alone while eating. Don’t warm the plate warmer in the microwave when it has water inside the lower compartment. Do not use boiling water in the inner compartment. Do not fill more than two thirds of the lower compartment. Fill the inner compartment with water at 40°C to maintain the baby’s food warm. Make sure water opening is securely closed before giving the plate to your baby.

Mix up food after warming it up in microwave as the heat may be uneven and some areas may be too hot. Always test the food temperature before feeding your baby.

Before every use, wash them with lukewarm water and neutral detergent. Babelito cutlery can be washed in the dishwasher (top shelf). Babelito heat sensitive spoons can neither be boiled nor sterilized; they are not suitable for microwave ovens.

The heat sensor is only a temperature indicator. Dip the heat sensitive spoon into food or liquids during a few seconds, if the color of the spoon changes, the food is too hot for your baby and has to be cooled down. Always test the food temperature before feeding your baby. Mix up food or liquids after warming then up in microwave as the heat may be uneven and some areas may be too hot.

Our Babelito feeding products are made of durable materials for child’s daily use. Anyway, we recommend monitoring all the products before giving them to your baby. If damaged, please replace them.

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