Baby Care and Grooming

Baby Care and Grooming

FAQ Baby Care

Pediatricians recommend using Sunflower oil and limewater based cleansing emulsion, called “Óleo Calcáreo” in Argentina, as the best option when changing your baby’s diaper as it is an excellent cleaner which does not cause skin rashes. Our cleansing emulsion helps to avoid diaper dermatitis because it provides a protection coat, and it also moistures the baby’s delicate skin. Its pH contributes to neutralize acid diaper rash.

On the other hand, baby wipes only clean. They are practical for fast occasional cleaning when you are not at home or when your baby is training to stop wearing diapers.

The best option to clean your baby’s bottom is to use our Babelito Sunflower oil and limewater based cleansing emulsion, called “Óleo Calcáreo” in Argentina. With your baby lying on his back on the diaper changer, undo the diaper and if the baby is dirty, use the same diaper to clean most of it. Then, wet cotton wool or a makeup remover disk with enough quantity of Babelito Sunflower oil and limewater based cleansing emulsion, called “Óleo Calcáreo” in Argentina. Always clean from top to bottom, not to spread intestinal flora to the front. It is not necessary to rinse. Then put your baby in the clean diaper, place it under the baby until in line with the upper edge of its waist. Bring the front part up between the legs of the baby and fasten the tabs to secure the diaper on his waist. The diaper has to be fastened not too tight. Do not forget to wash your hands after changing your baby.

When your baby is born, its skin is one of the organs not completely developed yet, and its different layers cannot protect him a well as they will do in the future. This is why it is very important that the products used on your baby skin are specially formulated to protect it. Most fragrances contain allergens. Their ingredients may go into the skin of your baby and cause irritation or allergies. This is why in Babelito we develop our products with very low quantities of special fragrances without allergens, minimizing the probability of causing irritation and/or allergies. We create hypoallergenic products, which are the only suitable ones for the baby.

Yes. Baby fragrances are specially developed for this purpose and have to be hypoallergenic (allergen free). Fragrances for adults usually have important quantities of allergens that can cause irritation and allergies to your baby’s delicate skin. Fragrance doses are much higher in adult products.

Traditional glycerin soap contains alcohol since it requires a chemical process with alcohol to be translucent though it may result into dry skin.

Our Babelito glycerin soap does not contain alcohol; we achieve translucency through mechanical processes with special devices in the production line to protect your baby’s skin.

Babies hair and skin pH are different from adults’. Baby’s hair is thinner and their skin is more delicate; pH is more alkaline. This is the reason why we create baby shampoos with milder ingredients, not irritating for babies’ skin, and with very little quantity of fragrances and additives. In spite of what it may be believed, shampoos with a lot of lather are bad for your baby as lather implies the presence of potentially harmful agents.

Ears have to be cleaned habitually, only the outer ears (folds). Do not clean the ear canal with a swab. Ear canal and eardrum are very delicate. If you try cleaning them by introducing an object such as a swab, apart from running the risk of pushing the wax inside, you could hurt its skin or even puncture its eardrum affecting his hearing. In case your baby needs its inner ear cleaned, it is advisable for you to take your baby to the doctor.

Even the so-called “Safety swabs” are not safe, they make you believe the swab can be introduced in the outer part of the ear; however this action is also risky.

It is not good to remove your the wax from your baby’s ear as it is naturally produced in the ear canal. Later, it falls out or drops out when bathing. The earwax is absolutely normal and has two important functions for your baby’s health. First, it is a natural antibiotic that fights infections that could injure the skin inside the hearing canal. Second, it acts as a shield between the outside world and the eardrum preventing the entrance of dust and dirt.

It means that the cosmetic product is developed and tested to have low chances of causing allergies and irritation. Our products are formulated with mild components; special fragrances without allergens and meticulous sensitivity tests are carried out. As your baby’s skin is very delicate and still developing, dermatologists and pediatricians recommend the use of hypoallergenic products.

Our Babelito Sunflower oil and limewater based cleansing emulsion, called “Óleo Calcáreo” in Argentina, makes the most of traditional “óleo calcáreo” and combines it with a more creamy emulsion so that it is easier and more practical to prevent the leak of fluids and besides it is more moisturizing. Its components do not separate and it is developed with a mild hypoallergenic fragrance. Traditional “óleo calcáreo” is a combination of oil and limewater which allows for deep cleaning, without causing irritation, leaving a protective coating on the skin and at the same time moisturizing it. It also helps to neutralize acidity caused by dirty diapers. Traditionally, Pharmacopoeia” óleo calcáreo” was used; it required shaking before using because the components got separated, its smell was strong and it was not very practical because it was very fluid and stained easily. In Babelito we always seek for innovation so that you take care of your baby in a more practical and safe manner.

ADASEPE is the Argentine Association of Pediatric Dermatology, the most important one in Argentina. Babelito cosmetic products have been accepted by this association giving us even the great backing of their trustworthiness and safety.

FAQ Hygiene Accessories

Before using, wash with lukewarm water and neutral detergent, rinse well and then sterilize in boiling water during 5 minutes. Always let the finger toothbrush cool completely before using.

You can start brushing your baby’s gum when its first teeth erupt. First wash your hands and put the brush in your forefinger. Be careful when brushing your baby’s teeth and massaging its gums. Use Babelito brush only with water; do not use toothpaste until the dentist considers your baby is ready. Your baby can use this brush until first teething is complete, and then change to a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Using this brush is easy and safe. Check there are neither silicone bristles in bad condition nor cracks. If any, replace the brush. Remember this product is not a toy.

We recommend sanitizing blades with an antiseptic solution before using. Clean the handles with a damp cloth.

We designed our Babelito nail scissor with round blade tips to delicately trim your baby’s nails without fear of hurting its little fingers. The anatomic handle made of plastic facilitates trimming. Hold the baby to avoid sudden movements while trimming its nails. Cut nails straight across, not too close to the skin. For better results, you can clip its nails while sleeping or after the bath when nails are softer and your baby is relaxed. Baby scissors and clippers are to be used only for the baby, do not share them with the rest of the family.

It is easy to keep them clean, use lukewarm water and neutral detergent, rinse them and dry in a well-aired place. Remember that they do not need to be sterilized.

The hair and scalp of your baby are very delicate; you have to be very careful and brush very slowly and gently. Avoid putting any pressure on his head and prevent knots before they start.

You can start building good healthy habits early by giving your child good quality brushes and combs and teaching it the appropriate manner to take care of its hair. For them, it is a nice way to learn as they play.

Before using for the first time and after each subsequent use, wash all parts separately with lukewarm water and mild detergent, rinse well and only sterilize the tips submerging them in boiling water during 5 minutes. Cleaning the bulb is very simple; wash it with water and mild detergent, let it dry. Remember that the bulbs of nasal aspirators do not have to be sterilized.

Helping your baby to breathe better when it has mucus is very simple with our Babelito nasal aspirators. Pinch the air out of the bulb. Gently place the tip into the nostril, just inside the opening, press the other nostril and let the air come back into the bulb, pulling this way the mucus out of the nose. Repeat the process in the other nostril. If mucus is solid, it is convenient to suction it out after the baby’s bath. Do not pinch the air out of the bulb when the tip is inside the baby’s nostril.

Never introduce the swab into the baby’s ear canal, do not let the baby do it either. Swabs are used only once and in only one part of the body. Do not use them with organic solvents. In case of an injury due to incorrect used, call the pediatrician.

Hygiene products are not toys and should be out of reach of infants; they should not be playing with them or trying to clean themselves.

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