FAQ Teethers and Rattles

Yes, our specialists in babies have designed these teethers to ease babies in the successive teething stages, just like our baby bottles and pacifiers adapt to the different growth stages of the baby. We used the figures of the Moon, Sun and Stars as an inspiration to create an ideal teether for each stage.

The first teether: the Moon (Item 37173)- Stage 1
Created to reach incisive teeth (front), its shape hinders access to premolars and molars. At this stage, your baby is still very little and could experience nausea if it introduces a teether at the back of its mouth and premolars have not erupted yet.

The second teether: the Sun (Item 37174)- Stage 2
This teether, by means of the layout of its soft and cooling parts, arranged as sunbeams help your baby, who is a little bigger at this stage, to soothe and cool his gums. This model still hinders the access to the back of the mouth for the safety of your baby.

The third teether: the Star (Item 37175). – Stage 3
Its format allows to access a deeper area of your baby’s mouth and the layout of its cooling parts filled with UV treated purified water reaches the molars. As safety is the most important issue, this teether was also designed only to go into the necessary depth, and not further, so that your baby can play and soothe gums.

To clean the teethers we recommend to use lukewarm water and a neutral detergent, rinse with plenty of water and then sterilize using boiling water during 5 minutes. Let them cool before giving them to your baby.

To clean this kind of teethers, we suggest that you clean them with water and a neutral detergent, rinse well with plenty of water. This teether should neither be sterilized nor washed in a dishwasher.

No, all our cooling teethers are filled with distilled water which is harmless for your baby. However, for safety reasons we recommend not giving these teethers to babies who already have teeth.

Chilling our teethers is very simple. Simply place them in the fridge during one hour before giving them to your baby. Never freeze them because they could chill in excess and hurt the gums of your baby. It might be better to have at least 2 teethers, so that one is always cold.

Your baby may use our teethers until its first teeth erupt. Then, we recommend checking all the teethers and toys before giving them to your baby as they can be damaged by his little teeth.

We suggest washing them with water and neutral detergent and rinsing them well with plenty of water. These rattles are not to be sterilized. Do not wash them in a dishwasher.

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