Pacifiers and Pacifier Holders

Pacifiers and Pacifier Holders

Both materials are safe, resistant and trustable, but they have different characteristics.
Latex is a natural material, of golden brown color, with a high degree of elasticity, excellent resistance to pulling and stretching. Latex is exceptionally flexible, environmentally friendly, and it does not attract dust as it does not generate static electricity; however, it is very sensitive to direct heat and light. We recommend you keep latex pacifiers in a dry, template place; do not expose them to direct sunlight.

Silicone is a synthetic, colorless (though it can be colored), odorless and tasteless material. Its surface is soft and extremely resistant to high temperatures, but it is less elastic than latex. Silicone may tear more easily than latex once its surface has been damaged.

The type of pacifier you choose depends greatly on your baby and the material it feels more comfortable with. No matter which one you choose, make sure that you check pacifiers regularly. Replace pacifiers immediately if they become sticky, cracked or if they have any other sign of damage.

The type of pacifier you choose depends to a great extent on your baby and the material it feels more comfortable with. Orthodontic pacifiers, as well as symmetrical ones, are thinner than round ones. Their shape is thought to stimulate your baby to suck in the same way as from its mother’s nipple. Orthodontic pacifiers may influence less on the way the baby’s teeth develop. Take into account that regardless of the pacifier’s nipple shape, dentists recommend babies to stop using a pacifier at the age of two.

Before using them for the first time, wash pacifiers with water and a mild detergent. Rinse them well and sterilize in boiling water. Wash pacifiers with lukewarm water and a mild detergent each time they get dirty (do not wash them in a dishwasher).

Yes, all Babelito pacifiers can be sterilized in boiling water during 5 minutes. Let them cool completely before giving them to your baby.

This may happen and it is normal since Babelito pacifiers have a small opening that allows air to be removed from nipple when the baby sucks. To get rid of trapped water, press the nipple from the point to the base in the same way so that water can go out through the opening.

Do not worry, this may happen and it can be easily fixed. Hold the mouth shield with one hand, and with the other one pull the nipple with short jerky movements so that it recovers its shape.

When a pacifier gets bigger or sticky it needs to be replaced. Latex is a natural material that ages with time; light and heat also may affect it.

The lifespan of Babelito pacifiers depends on the use and care they receive. We recommend changing the pacifier after 6 to 8 weeks of use for safety and hygienic reasons. If at any time you notice that the pacifier nipple is sticky, loses its shape, has cracks or any other irregularity, please replace it immediately.

It is important to monitor the condition of Babelito pacifiers‘nipples to protect your baby, especially when the first teeth are erupting. If the nipple is sticky, enlarged, cracked or torn out, change the pacifier immediately. Never dip the pacifier in sweet substances such as syrup, honey or marmalade; this will damage the teeth. Never tie a pacifier with ribbons or chains around a baby’s neck. Instead, you can use clips to hold the pacifier to baby’s clothes.

The luminous rings of our pacifiers are manufactured using a special material that gives off brightness during some minutes and allows you to localize the pacifier in the darkness. If the ring stops glowing, place the pacifier near the light before using it, this way it will maintain glow for longer.

Science has shown that the use of a pacifier in babies under 12 months reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Some healthy babies die in their sleep without any clear explanation. This medical profile; called sudden infant death syndrome, has greatly diminished all over the world since these recommendations are followed:

  • Babies should sleep on their backs.
  • Avoid overdressing babies.
  • Avoid soft and redundant objects in the child’s bed.
  • Mother should not smoke and child should not share the bed with an adult.

The American Academy of Pediatrics analyzed all the scientific studies carried out between 1966 and 2004 on the reduction of sudden death risk with the use of pacifiers during sleep. They found a significant reduction of sudden death risk of babies who used pacifiers to sleep and showed that the beneficial effects outweighed any potential negative effect. This benefit was demonstrated for different ethnic, socioeconomic and education levels’ groups. At present, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children of less than one year of age use a pacifier to sleep.

We recommend your baby starts using Babelito pacifiers when breastfeeding is well established. Never dip the pacifier into sugar, honey or any other substance, pacifiers function is to favor suction without food.

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Yes, you can use Babelito clips with any other ring-styled pacifier.

You can wash all the parts of Babelito clips with water and a mild detergent, the strap has to be carefully rinsed and you have to dry it before reusing.

When using our clips, never tie a pacifier around your baby’s neck; this can be dangerous for it. The strap length of the clip complies with international regulations for pacifier clips which provide a special emphasis on the length of the clip strap to ensure there is no risk when used appropriately. Please do not try to extend the strap of the clip and do not change it for a longer one. For safety reasons the clip should not be used when you baby is sleeping.

The length of Babelito clip strap complies with international regulations which give a special emphasis to the length of the clip strap to ensure there is no risk of strangulation if used appropriately. Please do not try to extend the strap of the clip and do not change it for a longer one. For safety reasons the clip should not be used when you baby is sleeping.

The main reason is your baby’s safety, The function of the pacifier clip is to hold the pacifier not to fall., But it is important that at any of the ends, or at both, the grasp is not too strong because in case the clip or the pacifier get attached to something, one of them or both should be able to get detached to avoid rough pulling that could affect your baby.

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